Conduction of research

500 AED



This module will engage students in activities that result in arming them with knowledge and skills that help them undertake research. Students will understand methodologies used in educational research and how to choose the appropriate method to answer research question.

Learning outcomes:


  • Describe the importance of research ethics in human subject
  • Describe the importance of international and national guidelines in protecting human subjects
  • List the specific requirements for ethical research
  • Understand principles of informed consent and write an informed consent form for a provided protocol.
  • Describes types of research misconduct
  • Describe different categories for research review
  • Identify vulnerability issues while reviewing protocols
  • Explain roles of research ethics committees
  • Explain therapeutic misconception
  • Explain coercion and undue inducement
  • Perform an ethical review of research protocols.
  • Understand investigational new drug applications and identify ethical issues in phase I, II and III clinical trials.
  • Conduct a study that sheds light on an educational principle
  • Conduct a review that summarizes the best evidence for an educational principle

Learning topics:

  • Conducting observational research
  • Conducting laboratory experimental research
  • Conducting population research
  • Conducting action research
  • Conducting medical education research
  • Conducting clinical and interventional research.
    • Writing a research protocol
    • Presenting a research protocol
    • Technology for research

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