Planning for research

500 AED



This module aims to engage students in critical exploration of a research question. Through this they will develop skills in planning, making recommendations for applying their findings and future research. It distinguishes the range of research from reflective practice, and action research from quality improvement, program evaluation, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and other types of research. We’ll start with exploring ontology and epistemology which is foundational basis of research. What counts as knowledge? What is your notion of reality and how is this determined?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop and apply a literature search strategy.
  • Synthesize the literature into a coherent and critical account of the relevant published literature.
  • Critically select and apply method(s) to generate, collate and analyse research data.
  • Critically appraise key findings, including recognizing weaknesses
  • Present and defend the chosen methodology, analysis and conclusions.
  • Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in planning and executing a significant project of research, investigation or development.
  • Summarize medical education research approaches and appraise the role of theory within education research.
  • Critically explore key ethical considerations in medical education research
  • Critically evaluate key methods (data collection and data analysis) in medical education research
  • Define the principles of scientific research
  • Define and describe the various study designs used in health research
  • Calculate the appropriate sample size for the proposed study
  • Identify areas research in medical education

Learning topics:

  • Planning for research
  • Formulating a research question,
  • Methods for literature searching.
  • Types of research and how to apply them.
  • Ethical principles in research
  • Literature searching,
  • Study designs,
  • Writing a research protocol

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