Research ethics

500 AED



The module addresses ethics and academic integrity in health professions education. Academic integrity is often framed around misconduct and dishonesty, carrying both negative and punitive connotations. However, the dialogue is shifting towards an approach that is educative, preventative, and positive in promoting the professional of both faculty & students. With that shifting focus in mind, this course is designed to address issues pertinent to the concept.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define academic integrity and the values associated with it
  • Recognize academic misconduct and the ways it is sometimes rationalized
  • Identify common misconduct pitfalls and the larger problem these offences create
  • Recognize the risks associated with even minor acts of academic misconduct
  • Describe the History and Principles of Research Ethics

Learning topics:

  • Domains of integrity in academia
  • Integrity in teaching, assessment, & research
  • Intellectual property & copyright
  • Research & authorship, and publication ethics
  • The teaching of ethic
  • Student’s academic integrity
  • Professional Relationships

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