Teaching and training

500 AED


This module aims to develop the candidates’ abilities to critique and design principles of effective learning and teaching applying to their own context. It provides in-depth learning around evidence-based teaching and learning methods which can be used in a variety of health professions education settings.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the theoretical basis and practice of teaching of clinical reasoning and problem solving.
  • Apply educational theories to develop a pedagogically robust lesson plan contextualised to their own environment
  • Apply the theory and practice of simulation, skills laboratories, and learning in the clinical environment.
  • Explain principles of teaching & learning
  • Manage large groups teaching.
  • Conduct small groups teaching sessions.
  • Facilitate problem-based and case-based learning.
  • Conduct an effective bedside teaching session.
  • Critically reflect on their own developmental needs as teachers
  • Critically appraise evaluation tools in the educational environment
  • Critically engage with feedback dialogue

Learning topics:

  • Examination and critique of published frameworks and models of ‘effective’ and ‘excellent’ teaching
  • Introduction to teaching and learning in a healthcare setting.
  • Planning a teaching session
  • Teaching and learning in different group structures/formats.
  • Professional development for teaching
  • Assignment guidance tutorials & self-directed learning
  • Teaching large groups
  • Small groups teaching
  • The teaching of skills
  • Teaching in the clinical setting
  • Independent learning
  • Supporting Learners (learning facilitation, mentoring, coaching, and supervision)

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