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Training could be part of an overall package starting with consultation, passing through training on issues related to the recommendations of the consultation. It could also relate to the services we provide, e.g. if we help an institution develop policies, procedures, guidelines, protocols and care pathways as a service, training on these issues will be part of the deal. We also provide on-demand training that starts with needs assessment and gap analysis. Our firm also provides CPD programmes for healthcare professionals & training the trainers programs for health professions educators and trainers

The areas to be covered include


CPD for health for healthcare providers


Research methodology, evidence-based practice and knowledge translation


Leadership, quality and accreditation


Medical education and training of trainers


Educational technology, e-learning and digital transformation


E-health and decision support


Strategic planning and project management

A sample of healthcare consulting services we offer

  1. Comprehensive research methodology course
  2. Planning for research
  3. Conduction of research
  4. Clinical trials
  5. Research ethics
  6. Data management and statistical analysis
  7. Reporting of research and scientific writing
  8. Writing a thesis
  9. Presenting in a conference
  10. Evidence-based Medicine and knowledge translation
  11. Systematic reviews
  1. IT for researchers
  2. E-learning for health professions educators and trainers
  3. Simulation for health professions educators and trainers
  4. Computational biology modules
  5. Artificial intelligence for health professionals
  6. E-health for health professionals
  1. Project management for health professionals
  2. Establishing a quality system in your healthcare facility
  3. Preparing your healthcare facility or accreditation
  4. Strategic planning for health professionals
  1. Training of healthcare trainers
  2. Educational planning
  3. Teaching and training
  4. Assessment and evaluation

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